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On the matter of whether Q was written, Tuckett writes (The Anchor Bible Dictionary, v. 568): "The theory that Q represents a mass of oral traditions does not account for the common order in Q material, which can be discerned once Matthew's habit of collecting related material into his large teaching discourses is discounted (Taylor 1953, 1959).

Such a common order demands a theory that Q at some stage existed in written form." C. Tuckett comments on the argument that variations between Matthew and Luke are due to variant translations of an Aramaic Q (op. 567-568): It is doubtful if more than a very few cases of variation between Matthew and Luke can be explained in this way.

The siglum Q derives from the German word "Quelle," which means "Source." Q primarily consists of the "double tradition" material, that which is present in both Matthew and Luke but not Mark.

However, Q may also contain material that is preserved only by Matthew or only by Luke (called "Sondergut") as well as material that is paralleled in Mark (called Mark/Q overlaps).

Although the temptation story and the healing of the centurion's son are usually ascribed to Q, the majority of the material consists of sayings.

For this reason, Q is sometimes called the Synoptic Sayings Source or the Sayings Gospel.

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