Dating for sex in istanbul

The Blue Mosque, so-called by visitors because of its incredible Iznik tiles, is actually the Sultan Ahmet Mosque after Ahmet I, who built this stunning structure in 1616.

It’s a working mosque, so five times a day it’s closed to the public and you’ll hear the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer.

They can gain weight, lose their hair, get wrinkles and everyone will say, “it adds character” or “their great guys” but for a women “she’s let herself go”. OK so I have picked probably the worst of the bunch to illustrate my point but seriously the attractive ones are like diamonds, rare as hell! Then when you send them a message and they’ll either respond 2 weeks later or not at all. I am a talker, I am never gonna have a face-to-face meeting if you can’t string a sentence together or fire back a quick witted response. I wish the fashion for a hipster beard would die, in fact die now. Does asking all these questions make me Asha Bradshaw?

My job is all about image so I do strive to mantain that. And to make matters worse they are all considerably younger than me!! Tonight I was meant to have a date with a very attractive French journalist whose English is hopeless without google translate. We didn’t even get to meet so here I am writing about it sacré bleu! Over here it is a pre-requiste for a man to have one. (Sex and the City reference for those not in the know).

In general, even in larger, less conservative cities, dating is a serious enterprise, and there isn’t a lot of casual dating going on.

Oddly, an “I love you” comes quite early on - and it’s followed by romantic gestures to prove the strength of your love.

This lot claim to be well under 40 – who are you kiddin’??

Despite recent changes, Turkish dating culture remains conservative, especially outside of the larger cities.Istanbul crams dozens of markets, mosques, museums, restaurants, shops, bazaars and cafes into its colourful streets. I went to see what Istanbul has to offer the weekend visitor, and how safe it is for a girl exploring alone.We start with the ‘Big Three’ in the Sultanahmet district.Researchers found that the older you get, the fewer friends you have.According to a 2013 study, “while social circles increase through early adulthood, friendship networks peak and start to decrease as you move through your twenties.” When you move to a new country, especially not knowing the local language, the adaptation process may be exacerbated by feelings of loneliness.

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