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Unless it knows the property setter will succeed, it won’t call it.

Therefore, Binding won’t call the property setter for blank values when it thinks the value is supposed to be something that it cannot supply a blank to.

Every time the data is pushed, the time stamp is updated so that the next push will not occur until a pre-defined duration has elapsed.

I put together a demo app which shows how to do this.

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If you change the value in text box then it will directly affect the slider -- no need to press tab or any other action.

I realized that Binding cannot supply null to the property setter because the value isn’t really null, but rather an empty string.

Mitsu then showed me how to get the behavior that I wanted: create a Nullable Value Converter, like this: Very Simple! This is a 2-step process where I first have to define the converter in my resources (can be done once, application-wide) and then specify that converter in my binding.

It can be very difficult then to bind a property on those elements…

Let’s illustrate with a simple example: we want to display a list of products in a System. Data Error: 2 : Cannot find governing Framework Element or Framework Content Element for target element.

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