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The lake was named by the Erie people, a Native Americans people who lived along its southern shore.That Iroquoian tribe called it "Erige" ("cat") because of its unpredictable and sometimes violently dangerous nature.The main natural outflow from the lake is via the Niagara River, which provides hydroelectric power to Canada and the U. as it spins huge turbines near Niagara Falls at Lewiston, New York and Queenston, Ontario.Some outflow occurs via the Welland Canal which diverts water for ship passages from Port Colborne, Ontario on Lake Erie, to St.Located in the historic town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Fort George was the headquarters of the Centre Division of the British Army during the War of 1812, and played a key role in the defence of Upper Canada.Fort George is open weekends November to April, and seven days a week from May to October, offering visitors an opportunity to step back in time with tours, musket demonstrations, special exhibits, costumed staff and reconstructed buildings.

Long before the white man set foot on American soil, the American Indians, or rather the Native Americans, had been living in America.

Lake Erie's northern shore is bounded by the Canadian province of Ontario, with the U. states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York on its southern and easternmost shores and the Lower Peninsula of Michigan on the west.

These jurisdictions divide the surface area of the lake by water boundaries.

The several waves of migration are said to account for the many native linguistic families.

Some scholars accept evidence of Native American existence in the Americas back more than 25,000 years, while many others believe that people arrived later than that, perhaps as recently as 12,000 years ago.

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