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Our desktop site is optimized for browsing on Internet Explorer 11 or above.We have detected an older version of browser which may cause unexpected issues.“If you look at other contemporary apps, most project a ‘one-to-many’ theater,” Arielle Goren, director of communications for Houseparty, told The Post of apps like Houseparty and its predecessor Meerkat.“We realized that’s not something that works for the majority of people — but more for media companies or celebrities.” Houseparty — which debuted on the app store last February from the same creators as Meerkat — is a real-time video chat platform catering to those uninterested in broadcasting their lives to random viewers online.

The red alert — which argued that these Ivy League college girls “would never again be surrounded by this concentration of men who would be worthy of you” — went viral with more than 100 million hits.Remember when you’d fall asleep while instant messaging your friends into the early hours of the morning, the digital trill of incoming messages lulling you into slumber?The days of (slow) AOL chat rooms may be long gone, but today’s teens are getting their dose of ‘90s nostalgia with new forms of Web 1.0 features creeping onto social platforms.Not to mention, a lot of people like to have a little more control over who’s watching.“Rather than create a theater, we created a ‘house party’ — that’s where the name comes from — where it feels casual, comfortable and users can pop in and out of it without the pressure to perform.” Given that video chats without an advance warning are still seen as passé, the Houseparty team wanted to “break down the barrier of the stigma around video call,” Goren explained.

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